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1960, The Election Of The First Catholic President As A Vindication Of The First Amendment’s Clauses On Religious Freedom And Religion Establishment – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

1964, Lyndon B. Johnson Defeats Barry Goldwater – The “Great Society” And The Constitution: Guest Essayist: Brion McClanahan

1968, Richard Nixon Defeats Hubert Humphrey, George C. Wallace: The Rise Of The “New Left” – Guest Essayist: Professor Steve Knott

1972, Richard Nixon Defeats George McGovern: Watergate – Guest Essayist: Professor David Kopel

1968, Supreme Court Decisions On Civil Rights: An Issue Raised By George C. Wallace – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

1972, Richard Nixon: Thirty-Seventh President of the United States – Guest Essayist: Juliette Turner

A Different Take On Watergate – Guest Essayist: John Marini

Our Constitution Works: President Ford’s Date With Destiny: Guest Essayist – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

1976, Jimmy Carter: Thirty-Ninth President Of The United States – Guest Essayist: Juliette Turner

1980, Ronald Reagan Defeats Jimmy Carter, John Anderson: The Critique Of The Administrative State – Guest Essayist: Andrew Langer

1984, Ronald Reagan Defeats Walter Mondale: Geraldine Ferraro Nomination As Vice President And The Constitutional Implications Of The Feminist Movement – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

1988, George H.W. Bush Defeats Michael Dukakis – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

1992, Bill Clinton Defeats George H.W. Bush – Guest Essayist: Juliette Turner

1996, Bill Clinton, Presidential Elections, And Constitutional Rule Of Law – Guest Essayist: Brian Chilton

2000, George W. Bush Defeats Al Gore, Ralph Nader: A Case Study On Choosing Electors – Guest Essayist: The Honorable John N. Hostettler

2004, George W. Bush Defeats John Kerry: Due Process, Terrorism, And The Constitution – Guest Essayist: Andrew Langer

2008, Barack Obama: Forty-Fourth President of the United States – Guest Essayist: Juliette Turner

2012, Barack Obama Defeats Mitt Romney – Guest Essayist: Michael Barone