Holden v. Hardy (1898) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

Justice David J. Brewer (1837-1910) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

In re Debs (1895) – Guest Essayist: Gary Porter

Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority (1985) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Wickard v. Filburn (1942) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

National League of Cities v. Usery (1976) – Guest Essayist: Nick Dranias

National Labor Relations Board v. Jones And Laughlin Steel Company (1937) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Carter v. Carter Coal (1936) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Schechter Poultry Corp v. U.S. (1935) – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Gold Clause Cases (1935) – Guest Essayist: Keith E. Whittington

Home Building & Loan v. Blaisdell (1934) – Guest Essayist: James D. Best

Nebbia v. New York (1934) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

Champion v. Ames (1903) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Allgeyer v. Louisiana (1897) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

United States v. E.C. Knight (1895) – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

New Jersey v. Wilson (1812) – Guest Essayist: Gary Porter

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co. v. City of Chicago (1897) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Baker v. Carr (1962) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

San Antonio v. Rodriguez (1973) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

Justice George Sutherland (1862-1942) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co. (1926) – Guest Essayist: Richard Wagner

Gelpcke v. City of Dubuque (1863) – Guest Essayist: Gary Porter

Texas v. White (1869) – Guest Essayist: Marshall DeRosa

Prigg v. Pennsylvania (1842) – Guest Essayist: Gennie Westbrook

Cooley v. Board of Wardens (1851) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge (1837) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Briscoe v. Bank of Kentucky (1837) – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Craig v. Missouri (1830) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Barron v. Baltimore (1833) – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Willson v. Black Bird Creek Marsh Company (1829) – Guest Essayist: Andrew Langer

Green v. Biddle (1823) – Guest Essayist: Andrew Langer

Fletcher v. Peck (1810) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer (1952) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter  

United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp. (1936) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Field v. Clark (1892) – Guest Essayist: Joe Postell

McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Ex parte McCardle (1869) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Propeller Genesee Chief v. Fitzhugh (1851) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Swift v. Tyson (1842) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Cohens v. Virginia (1821) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath

Chief Justice John Marshall (1755-1835) – Guest Essayist: William Morrisey

Marbury v. Madison (1803) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

The United States Supreme Court: Landmark Decisions and the Justices Who Made Them – Guest Essayist: William Morrisey

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Constituting America’s Seventh 90 Day Study: The United States Supreme Court: Landmark Decisions And The Justices Who Made Them

1880, James Garfield Defeats Winfield Scott Hancock: The Tariff Controversy, Post-Civil War – Guest Essayist: Kirk Higgins

Impact Statement

James Madison Defeats DeWitt Clinton: The Wartime Election Of 1812 – Guest Essayist: Sam Agami

1800, Thomas Jefferson Defeats John Adams: The First Peaceful Transfer Of The Presidency From One Political Party To Another – Guest Essayist: Kevin Gutzman

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