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1860, Stephen Douglas’ Understanding Of The Constitution – Guest Essayist: David J. Shestokas

1904, Theodore Roosevelt Defeats Alton Parker: Anti-Trust Legislation – Guest Essayist: Steven Aden

1904 And 1908 Elections: Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” vs. William Jennings Bryan’s Populism – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

1908, William Howard Taft Defeats William Jennings Bryan – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

1912, Eugene Debs’ Socialism And The U. S. Constitution – Guest Essayist: Professor Joerg Knipprath

1916, Woodrow Wilson Defeats Charles Evans Hughes – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

1920, The Sedition Act And Eugene Debs: Raising Of The Issue Of The “Red Scare” – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

1932, The “New Deal” – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower Defeats Adlai Stevenson: Communism And Civil Liberties – Guest Essayist: Horace Cooper

1960, The Election Of The First Catholic President As A Vindication Of The First Amendment’s Clauses On Religious Freedom And Religion Establishment – Guest Essayist: Tony Williams

Our Constitution Works: President Ford’s Date With Destiny: Guest Essayist – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

1996, Bill Clinton, Presidential Elections, And Constitutional Rule Of Law – Guest Essayist: Brian Chilton

2000, George W. Bush Defeats Al Gore, Ralph Nader: A Case Study On Choosing Electors – Guest Essayist: The Honorable John N. Hostettler

2008, Barack Obama: Forty-Fourth President of the United States – Guest Essayist: Juliette Turner

Constitutional Issues In The 2016 Election – Guest Essayist: Professor William Morrisey

Constituting America’s Seventh 90 Day Study: The United States Supreme Court: Landmark Decisions And The Justices Who Made Them

The United States Supreme Court: Landmark Decisions and the Justices Who Made Them – Guest Essayist: William Morrisey

Marbury v. Madison (1803) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845) – Guest Essayist: Daniel A. Cotter

Propeller Genesee Chief v. Fitzhugh (1851) – Guest Essayist: Joerg Knipprath